Crocodylus Pontifex

Genuine and Authorized by

Space Pope


Crocodylus Pontifex is a disorganization for the High Church of Our Lady Eris, Goddess of Discord, the fairest and prettiest of all. KALLISTI. Well, at least we pretend to be. Did you know that God's name is Eris, and that he is a girl? Well he is a girl, and his name is Eris! She can be found in the core of any argument and teaches that all categories are delusions of limited perspective (except when they're not). Are you following all this?

Mission Statement

Crocodylus Pontifex is a Discordian cabal(istic) network and node that sometimes believe that every man, woman, and child is a Pope, completely infallible about their own nervous systems. By understanding the outer sciences of other worlds and beings in timespace, and the inner sciences of one's own nervous system and consciousness, we aim to create a more accurate map of the universe, so humanity can make good, informed decisions, and create a more intelligent, funny and compassionate experience in timespace. Membership is free and always fnord. Operation Mindf&%# already underway.


Everybody (that means you too, bud!) is already a Discordian Pope. Especially if they don't want to be. Upon notification of one's pontification, Popes are encouraged to ex-communicate all other Discordians. (We stick apart.) You can print Pope Cards in case you need help convincing anybody of your importance. Very useful for quick pontifications.

Pope card

Saints of Discord

Discordian Saints currently recognized by the Crocodylus Cabal include: